Update on U.S. Midterm Elections

Nov 2, 2018 | Event Summary

CIC Winnipeg hosted University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Political Science professor Marc Hetherington and Maryland RNC committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose for a Politics at the Pub event on October 22 to give us an update on the U.S. Midterm elections. Nicolee and Marc visited Winnipeg as part of a US Consulate speakers program to western Canada and we held the event in cooperation with US Consulate Winnipeg.

Marc and Nicolee gave very insightful presentations on the issues driving the 2018 elections, and gave us a good idea of what to watch for on November 6. Our audiences enjoyed hearing the competing messages of the two parties in the United States election. We had a standing room-only crowd for the event, and our audience had lots of questions. This led to a vigourous discussion after the event, and it took some time to pull the speakers away to do a members-only dinner.