Toronto Branch
The Toronto branch has a diverse and enthusiastic group of members who share a strong interest in foreign affairs, international business and trade, and Canada’s role in the world community.  We hold approximately 12 to 15 events during our programming year of September to June – in addition to our annual Winter and Summer social gatherings. Our events include single speaker keynote addresses, expert panel events, occasional conferences on a major international theme and training programs to young professionals interested in a career in international affairs.

Speakers at our events have included Ambassadors and Consuls General, Government ministers and officials, international trade experts, prominent academics and representatives of international development agencies. All of our events include a question and answer period and reception, providing an opportunity for those attending to ask questions and to network.

One of the goals of the Toronto branch has been to establish relationships with other organizations and institutions in Toronto sharing our interest in international affairs.  Through these efforts, we have been able to reach a more diverse range of people in the Toronto community.

The Toronto branch is fortunate to have an enthusiastic group of Executive members who volunteer their time and expertise in organizing events and ensuring the success of the branch.  We are always looking for support in developing event ideas and engaging members, as well as individuals interested in working with the Executive to organize an approved event.  Our goal is to broaden the range of public policy discussion forums for our members and the Toronto community at large.

Branch Executive Leadership

Anthony llukwe

Programming Chairs
Daniel Corredor Llorente
Tina Mbachu

Ana Tasic (Lead)
Alex Lapsker

Vice Presidents
Josh Gold
Kristian Kennedy

Cristina Flores Justic

Membership Chairs
Tina Sweeney
Nicholas Foenig

Members at Large
Henry Lotin
Danielle Paroyan
Jonathan English
Mustafa Aryan

Past-President, Ex-Officio
Anthony Ilukwe

Past Presidents

2021-2022 Aarondeep Bains  
2020-2021: Anthony Ilukwe
2019-2020: Jo-Ann Davis
/ Renee van Kessel (Interim)
2015-2019: Fraser Mann
2009-2015: Jo-Ann Davis
2004-2009: Keith Martin
1998-2004: Ron Clark
1995-1998: Larry Herman
1961-1963: H. Ian MacDonald
1963-1965: Dorothy MacDonald
1963: Forest Rogers
Tom Barksy
Margaret McMillan
John Carson
Nance Gelber
Jack Sutherland

Upcoming Events
Featured Photo: CIC members attend keynote by Jeremy Kinsman, Head of the Council for the Community of Democracies & former Canadian Ambassador to Russia, Italy, UK, and EU. CIC Toronto/Mark Moken Photography