Securing Cyberspace in an Age of Disruption: A Glimpse at the Rising Threatscape

Published: Fall 2021    |    By: Aaron Shull and Kailee Hilt   |   Volume 69, No. 27


Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure have become an ever-present phenomenon and are only expected to escalate in the coming decades. This paper outlines some of the most pressing global cyber security challenges that are responsible for this proliferation in cyberattacks, namely the breakdown of trust between states, the introduction of more advanced ransomware and data breaching methods, and the growing ubiquity of the internet, while also bringing attention to the threat posed by online disinformation and foreign influence campaigns. Shull and Hilt conclude by emphasizing that international cyber governance is still in its infancy and requires attention from global actors. Particularly, they explain that states, like Canada and Germany, must coordinate closely to formalize the international cyber governance regime in an effort to improve global stability.

About the Authors

Aaron Shull is the managing director and general counsel at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Kailee Hilt is a research associate at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.