World-class research tackling complex problems
The CIC produces rigorous and policy-relevant research on critical international issues, from developing a climate-change strategy, to confronting threats from non-state actors, to managing Canada’s evolving relationship with the United States.

CIC research is independent: we owe no allegiance to any government or to any political body. The council does not take institutional positions on policy issues.

We aim to foster critical thinking on global challenges from a Canadian perspective, identifying new insights, ideas and opportunities. Each of our research programs aims to generate interdisciplinary research that can inform the Canadian foreign policy debate and point to innovative directions. The council’s research products aim to be accessible and inclusive, and are a vital resource for leaders and policy makers in government, the private sector, the media and civil society.
Real & Imagined Security Threats in an Uncertain World
Western publics are flooded with images of global threats from the mass media, whether it is terrorism, transnational organized crime, mass migration, pandemic disease, cyber war or climate change. This program peers into and breaks through the politics of fear, deconstructing existing threat narratives to assess which are genuine and which are inflated.
Global Populism, Protectionism and Polarisation
Whether it is Brexit or the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, the rise of populism has threatened to undercut the post-World War II liberal international order. This research program examines this wave, paying special attention to the threats and opportunities it poses for Canada and its allies.