Canada’s World Survey 2018 (hidden)

Published: April 2018


How do Canadians as individuals relate to the broader world? What do they see as the top global issues? How do they view Canada’s role in world affairs, and what do they think it could be? Today, the Environics Institute for Survey Research, the Canadian International Council, Simon Fraser University Public Square and the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary Research released a report on a national survey that examines how Canadians see their place in the world and that of their country.

In “Canada’s World Survey 2018”, authors follow up to the ground-breaking, Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Canada’s World Survey 2008 with research based on a national public opinion survey conducted by telephone with a representative sample of 1,501 Canadians (18 years and older), between October 23 and November 26, 2017. The results from a survey of this size drawn from the population would be expected to provide results accurate to within plus or minus 2.5 percentage points in 95 out of 100 samples (the margin of sampling error will be larger for specific subgroups of the population).

The report’s key insights include:

  • Canadians increasingly define their country’s place in the world as one that welcomes people from elsewhere.
  • Canadians’ views on global issues and Canada’s role in the world have remained notably stable over the past decade.
  • Young Canadians’ views and perspectives on many aspects of world affairs have converged with those of older cohorts, but their opinions on Canada’s role on the world stage have become more distinct when it comes to promoting diversity.
  • Foreign-born Canadians have grown more engaged and connected to world affairs than native-born Canadians, and are more likely to see Canada playing an influential role on the global stage.
  • Education is a defining factor in how engaged Canadians are with the world, and in their views of Canada’s position in addressing global issues.
  • Education is a defining factor in how engaged Canadians are with the world, and in their views of Canada’s position in addressing global issues.

About the Partners


The Environics Institute for Survey Research sponsors relevant and original public opinion and social research related to issues of public policy and social change. It is through such research that organizations and individuals can better understand Canada today, how it’s been changing, and where it may be heading.



SFU Public Square is a signature initiative at Simon Fraser University, designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections, establishes the university as the go-to convener of serious and productive conversations about issues of public concern. More than a single place or program, SFU Public Square assembles the hearts, minds, and talents of diverse communities to promote inclusive, intelligent, and inspiring dialogue.



The Canadian International Council (CIC) is Canada’s foreign relations council. It is an independent, non-partisan membership organization and think tank dedicated to advancing constructive dialogue on Canada’s place in the world and providing an incubator for innovative ideas on how to address the world’s most pressing problems.



The Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History promotes the study of recent international events from a historical perspective. We also bring together the world of the scholar and that of the policymaker and practitioner. Its activities include undergraduate and graduate teaching, conferences and public lectures by scholars and policymakers, and publications based on original research.