Special Reports and Event Briefings

CIC Special Reports are the outgrowth of rigorous CIC research projects and typically offer policy recommendations. CIC Event Briefings present succinct overviews of CIC events, identifying key insights and findings.

Canada’s World Survey 2018

April 2018

A partnership between the Canadian International Council, the Environics Institute for Survey Research, Simon Fraser University Public Square and the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary Research to examine how Canadians see their place in the world and that of their country, based on results from a national survey conducted in 2017.

Canada’s International Education System: Time for a Fresh Curriculum

June 2014

Commissioned by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives as part of a multi-year effort to improve the quality of education and skills training in Canada while enhancing young people’s ability to succeed in the 21st century job market.

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies

June 2014

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies: Lessons for Canada is the result of a research project that began with this question: How can Canada derive maximum benefit for the future of Canadians from Canada’s rich natural resource endowment? The question invites international comparative analysis, and indeed, there are lessons to be learned from how other resource-rich countries manage their natural assets and build economic value around them. There are also lessons to be learned at home about what works and what does not.

Behaviour of Chinese SOEs: Implications for Investment and Cooperation in Canada

February 2012

After decades of expansion into emerging markets around the world, Chinese firms (both SOEs and entrepreneurial) are seeking to invest in OECD countries across a wide range of industries. The relative scale of the capital available for overseas investment, the interest in resource assets, and the importance of our trade with China all make this a critical issue for Canada. Misconceptions about the nature of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) delay and undermine efforts of both Canadians and Chinese sides to promote mutual understanding. The purpose of this paper is to narrow the range of misunderstanding.

Issues in Canada-China Relations

November 2011

The papers in this volume provide insight and analysis on a range of issues important to the Canada-China relationship. Some focus on issues of immediate importance, while others examine ‘over the horizon’ issues, which may not command the front pages of newspapers today but surely will in the years to come. This combination of current and emerging policy issues on China will hopefully add value to the ongoing discussions on the Canada-China relationship. Taken together, the collected papers also make the case for the importance of China to Canada, and hence the importance of getting the relationship right.

Rights and Rents: Why Canada must Harness its Intellectual Property Resources

October 2011

In today’s global economic context, IP requires careful consideration that is mindful of approaches being taken by other countries. Investment in and strategic management of human creativity and intellectual resources and products are the route to our future, and our future prosperity. This requires wise and strategic management of its intellectual property. To this end, the CIC decided to examine Canada’s IP regime in light of the highly competitive international context, and with an eye to national strategies for innovation and increased productivity. This report and its recommendations are the result.

Open Canada: A Global Positioning Strategy for a Networked Age

May 2011

Released in advance of the G8 and G20 meetings, Open Canada: A Global Positioning Strategy for a Networked Age is a major foreign policy review, which takes a hard look at Canada’s global role and priorities.