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Current Volume: 75
Current Issue: 3

Frequency: Quarterly
eISSN: 2052465X | ISSN: 00207020
Founded in 1946, International Journal (IJ) is Canada’s pre-eminent journal of global policy analysis. Published in conjunction with the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History (CCIH), it combines brief, policy-relevant articles with longer, peer-reviewed, scholarly assessments of interest to foreign policy makers, analysts and academics in Canada and around the world. IJ is cross-disciplinary, combining the insights of history, political science and economics with anthropology and other social sciences to advance research and dialogue on issues of global significance.

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“I hope that the International Journal may contribute in a substantial way to the knowledge of Canadians on problems of international relations and may also express to other countries the Canadian viewpoint on international affairs.”
– R. M. Fowler, President of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (forerunner of the CIC) in the foreword of the inaugural 1946 issue of International Journal

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Production Team
Brian Bow, Dalhousie University
Greg Donaghy, University of Toronto
Managing Editor:
Elliot Gunn, Canadian International Council
‘The Lessons of History’ Editor:
Susan Colbourn, Yale University
Book Reviews Editor:
Brendan Kelly, University of Toronto
Copy Editor: Elena Vardon
Graphic Designer: Jeremy Tuininga
Submission Policy
We accept unsolicited submissions. Please consult the Submission Guidelines available with Sage Publications here. Submitting authors will enjoy:

  • Rigorous peer review of your research
  • Prompt publishing
  • Multidisciplinary audience
  • High visibility for global exposure, with a journal impact rating of 0.708 (5-year average 0.615).
Editorial Board
Jean-Christophe Boucher,
University of Calgary, Canada
Adam Chapnick,
Canadian Forces College, Canada
Melissa Conley Tyler,
Institute of International Affairs, Australia
John English,
University of Toronto, Canada
John Hancock,
World Trade Organization, Switzerland
Patrick James,
University of Southern California, US
Jennifer Jeffs
Brian Job,
University of British Columbia, Canada
Veronica Kitchen,
University of Waterloo, Canada
Jason Lyall,
Dartmouth College, US
Margaret MacMillan,
University of Oxford, UK
David M. Malone,
United Nations University, Japan
Justin Massie,
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Kim Richard Nossal,
Queen’s University, Canada
Taylor Owen,
University of British Columbia, Canada
Vincent Pouliot,
McGill University, Canada
Stéphane Roussel,
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Steve Saideman,
Carleton University, Canada
Elinor Sloan,
Carleton University, Canada
Denis Stairs,
Dalhousie University, Canada
Debora VanNijnatten,
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Stefanie Von Hlatky,
Queen’s University, Canada
Jennifer Welsh,
McGill University, Canada