National Capital (Ottawa) Branch


Phone: +1-613-903-4011

Mailing Address

CIC National Capital Branch
5305 River Building, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6


The Ottawa-based National Capital Branch is enthusiastic about reaching out to groups and individuals whose activities and interests take them into foreign affairs. We have a growing network in Ottawa of over 1200, including 325 active members. The National Capital Branch is an increasingly diverse group with more young professionals, new Canadians, NGO startups, and women among our established network of policy experts, journalists, scholars, business people, students and engaged citizens.

We invite you to get involved in our wide-ranging activities, including monthly speaker/dinner events, five study/working groups, the Ottawa Foreign Policy Initiative, occasional conferences, and a number of student and young professional focused activities.

The National Capital Branch’s study groups include: Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East. The National Capital Branch also hosts the Intelligence Futures Working group. To join these groups or learn more, please contact the respective groups’ chairs listed below.

Youth Caucus

The Youth Caucus is a particularly vibrant group within of the CIC National Capital Branch, leading a number of young professional and student programs. These include yearly international affairs career fairs for students, university clubs (currently at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and Saint Paul University), a series of informal “Politics @ the Pub” get-togethers targeted towards students, young professionals, and the ‘young at heart’, held at a local pub with guest speakers, and high-profile, interactive events organized twice a year in Ottawa by thePanel.

To find out more about the CIC National Capital Branch’s Youth Caucus programs, including how you could get involved as a volunteer, contact: Ehsan Torkaman.



Through a generous partnership, the National Capital Branch’s events are often broadcast on the CPAC network. Additionally, a number of events can also be found on YouTube. A listing of these videos is available below.

Every year the president of the National Capital Branch produces a report to inform its members about the local activities and products of the branch.

The National Capital Branch has produced variety of documents related to the history of the branch.

Branch Executive Leadership

Branch Executive Ex Officio

Career Expo
Samson Kan, (Chair)

Zoe Dugal (Program)
Anthony Farrow (Membership)
David Halton (Communications)
Randy Keefer
John Noble (Past President)
Michel Sleiman (Program)
Rachel Webb (Communications)

Foreign Policy Initiative
Peter Fawcett (Co-Chair)
Alex Goddard (Co-Chair)
Gerry Wright (Co-Chair)

Politics @ the Pub
Malika Asthana
Isabell Avudria

Andrey Demin
Annie Xie

University Student Representative
Lexie Krocker (UOttawa)

Africa Study Group
Bruce Montador (Chair)

Asia Pacific Study Group
Alex Goddard (Co-Chair)
Dan Koldyk (Co-Chair)
Grégoire Legault (Co-Chair)

Intelligence Futures Study Group
Rafal Rohozinski (Chair)

Latin America and the Caribbean Study Group
Sean Burges (Chair)

Middle East Study Group
Hamid Jorjani (Chair)

Upcoming Events