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1250 rue Guy  FB804
Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8

The CIC Montreal branch is an active and energetic organization that brings together Montrealers from the academic, business, media, diplomatic and political communities to discuss global events and issues related to Canada’s foreign policy. Its aim is to become the city’s bilingual hub for informative sessions on international affairs.

Montreal provides a particularly inspiring environment for the CIC. As the second largest city and media hub in Canada, Montreal is also the only city in Canada with UN offices. Montreal offers a unique blend of French and English, which gives the city a prolific connection to both the Commonwealth and La Francophonie, which is reflected in our diverse speakers program. With the second largest student population in North America after Boston, the CIC Montreal Branch is able to draw upon many speakers passing though Montreal.

Branch Executive Leadership

Christopher Neal

Kyle Matthews
Malcolm Olafson




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