CIC Mobilization Centre

Diversity and Inclusion

The CIC is an organization that is founded on engaging the Canadian public in foreign affairs, and to further our impact we’re launching a mobilization centre that will spotlight varying issues in foreign policy, and encourage CIC members to deepen their level of engagement and take action.

As part of honouring our commitment to making the CIC a more diverse organization, the first major theme for our mobilization centre is Diversity and Inclusion. Below you’ll find a number of actions we’ve recommended members take in order to work towards making the CIC and the foreign policy sphere a more inclusive space.


Getting Started



Amplify Voices on Social Media

Click here to amplify the voices of racialized Canadians by sharing the anti-racism work of Canadian BIPOC activists and local organizations in your community .

Register for An Upcoming Event

Click here to register for an event focused on anti-racism, diversity and/or inequality in foreign policy. 

Building Engagement


CIC Diversity Policy

Click here to  read through our diversity policy and provide suggestions on how we can expand it to more adequately create an anti-racist space in the CIC.

Share Your Experience

Join our social media campaign where you can share your experiences with racism and anti-racism while working in foreign policy or related fields.

Share Your Thoughts

Click here to share your thoughts and recommendations on social media on what Canada should be doing to address systemic racism on an international scale

Becoming A Leader


Donate to an Anti-Racism Organization

Click here to see a list of suggested organizations to which you can make a donation.

Join Our Advisory Committee

Click here to find out more about submiting a statement of interest to join an advisory committee of the board to provide suggestions and ideas to improve the CIC in its effort to create an anti-racist space

Submit Your Ideas

Click here to submit your ideas on what the CIC can do to create an anti-racist space

Join Your Branch Executive/ Volunteer Team

The CIC is always looking to add people who are committed to diversity to its ranks. Click here to find your local branch and get connected with them.
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