Samantha Bradshaw

Senior Fellow


Samantha Bradshaw is a D.Phil. candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute and works on the Computational Propaganda Project as a core member of the research staff. Her dissertation examines government use of

social media for coordinated digital disinformation campaigns. Samantha’s work has been featured by numerous media outlets, including the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and the Financial Times.

She holds an MA in global governance from the Balsillie School of International Affairs, and a joint honors BA in political science and legal studies from the University of Waterloo.

Featured Publications

Journal Articles
Bradshaw, Samantha and Laura DeNardis (2016) The Politicization of the Domain Name System: Implications for Internet Security, Stability and Freedom. New Media & Society. August 8.

Major Reports
Bradshaw, Samantha and Philip N. Howard (2017) Troops, Trolls and Trouble Makers: A Global Inventory of Social Media Manipulation. Computational Propaganda Project Working Paper Series, Working paper number 12.

Global Commission on Internet Governance (2016) One Internet.

Media Inquiries

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