Nilima Gulrajani

Visiting Fellow

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Nilima Gulrajani is a Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London. She is currently on secondment at the Canadian International Council and the G20 Research Group at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She has over fifteen years’ experience teaching, researching and resolving complex problems of organisational effectiveness in international development, particularly in the areas of aid governance and donor capacity building. She currently serves on the Programme Committee of the Foundation Chanel, as well as an Associate Editor of the journal Public Administration and Development. Nilima spent five years on faculty at the London School of Economics and Political Science where she taught international public management. She obtained her PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge where she was a Bill Gates Scholar.


Public Policy Papers

Gulrajani, N. and Swiss, L.  (2017) Why do countries become donors? Assessing the drivers and implications of donor proliferation.  ODI Working Paper.  London

Gulrajani, N. and Honig, D.  (2016)  Reforming donors in fragile states: Using public management more strategically.  ODI Working Paper.  London.

Gulrajani, N. (2015)  Bilateral versus multilateral aid channels: Strategic choices for donors.  ODI Working Paper.  London

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Honig, D. and Gulrajani, N (2017)  “Making good on donors ’ desire to Do Development Differently.:  Third World Quarterly  p. 1-17.  [Journal]  [Article]

Gulrajani, N. (2017) “Bilateral Donors and the Age of the National Interset: What Prospects for Challenge by Development Agencies?”  World Development.  96: p. 375-389.  [Journal]  [Article]

Gulrajani, N. (2015) “Dilemmas in Donor Design: Organisational Reform and the Future of Foreign Aid Agencies.”  Public Administration and Development 35(2): 152-164. [Journal]

Media Inquiries

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