CIC Calgary: Canada-China Relations, Present Trends & Future Possibilities

DUANE BRATT is a political science Professor in the Department of Economics, Justice, and
Policy Studies at Mount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta). He was educated at the
Universities of Windsor (BA 1991, MA 1992) and Alberta (Ph.D 1996). He teaches in
the area of international relations and Canadian public policy. His primary research
interest is in the area of Canadian nuclear policy. Recent publications include: co-editor,
Orange Chinook: Politics in the New Alberta (University of Calgary Press, 2019), co-
editor, Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas 3rd edition
(Oxford University Press, 2015) and author of Canada, the Provinces, and the Global
Nuclear Revival (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2012). Current projects include the
risk assessment of Canada’s nuclear waste site selection process. Duane is also a regular
commentator on political events.


CIC Toronto: Digital Health in the COVID-19 Era Pt. I

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