Our Events

Jim Balsillie, Christine Lagarde and Tom Hockin at the CIC Gala, 2012. CIC

The mission of the CIC is to promote an understanding of international affairs and Canada’s role in a changing world by providing Canadians with a non-partisan, nationwide forum for informed discussion, analysis and debate. Accordingly, the cornerstone of the CIC’s work is our events program. The CIC national office and our branches hold more than 150 events per year in cities across the country. In particular, our branch events give members an opportunity to directly engage with global issues that often intersect with local concerns. The CIC also supports events outside of Canada, often in partnership with other global think tanks, that can introduce Canadian perspectives to global audiences. CIC events take on many different forms, from academic lectures and panel discussions to town hall meetings and pub nights. Please consult our events calendar for a listing of CIC-organized and sponsored events.

If you have an idea for a CIC event, please contact us at info@thecic.org.

Don Newman, the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, His Excellency Cheng Siwei and Diana Swain at a CIC event in 2008.

The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark at CIC’s 2019 conference held in Toronto.

CIC Prince George, one of our newest branches.

CIC Victoria and the University of Victoria held their 2021 student-focused career webinar via Zoom.

Signature Events

The CIC’s many branches hold a wide variety of in-person and virtual events every year:

  • Expert Lectures
  • Panel Discussions
  • Pub Nights
  • Debates
  • University Career Fairs
  • Lunch and Dinner Keynotes
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Study Groups