Kari Roberts

Senior Fellow

Kari Roberts is Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Prior to joining MRU in 2009, Dr. Roberts was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Canada West Foundation (2005-2009). Dr. Roberts received her doctorate in Political Science from the University of Calgary and her MA and BA in Political Studies from the University of

Manitoba. Dr. Roberts’ research primarily concerns Russia-US relations, notably the domestic influences on Russian foreign policy toward the United States; she has also written about Russian interests in the Arctic. More recently, Dr. Roberts has been investigating the presence of Russophobia in the American foreign policy calculus, and its impact on decision making in the post-Cold War era.

Dr. Roberts teaches introductory international relations courses, as well as senior level courses on foreign policy, international organisations, American government, and policy studies.

Featured Publications

Roberts, K. It’s Complicated: Russia-US Relations in the Post-Cold War Era, Routledge Handbook on Russian Foreign Policy, forthcoming.

Roberts, K. Why Russia Will Play by the Rules in the Arctic, in M. Nuttall and K. Dodds, eds., A Northern Nation: Canada and the Arctic, (University of Alberta Press), forthcoming.

Roberts, K. (2017). Understanding Putin: The Politics of Identity and Geopolitics in Russian Foreign Policy Discourse, International Journal Vol. 72, No. 1: 28-55.

Media Inquiries

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