Author: Michael Petrou

How Populism Threatens Liberal Democracy Around The World And What Canada Should Do About It

Published: 2020    |    By: Michael Petrou  |    Volume 68, No. 2 Download PDF Summary Michael Petrou takes stock of the current state of the global international order, the status of global populist movements, and the impact populism exerts at the start of a new decade. He goes on to examine why Canada should care about the weakening of global democracy, and what it can do to combat rising populist tides. About the Author Michael Petrou is a historian and journalist. He is fellow-in-residence in Carleton University’s Bachelor ofGlobal and International Studies program, where he teaches a...

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Why populism is a threat to democracy

Populism is as much a right-wing as it is a left-wing phenomenon, because it is not built on a politics but on identity: “There is us, and there is them, and they can never become us, nor do we want them to.”

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