Author: Jon Allen

Joe Biden’s Challenges in a Post Trump World Order

The following piece is based on the author’s extensive experience dealing with Canada-US Relations at Global Affairs Canada. It focuses on the challenges that the Biden Administration is facing domestically and in foreign policy terms, including how the U.S. will try to regain its place as a leader within the liberal international order and mend its tattered reputation abroad.

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The Trump Peace Plan: Neither Peace Nor Stability

Published: 2020    |    By: Jon Allen  |    Volume 68, No. 3 Download PDF Summary Jon Allen examines the Trump Peace Plan and explains why, if implemented, it would bring neither peace nor stability to the region. In addition to drawing on his experience as former ambassador to Israel, Allen reviews the political context in which the plan was announced, its content and what its implementation could mean for both the region and the international community. About the Author Jon Allen (LL.B., University of Western Ontario, 1976; LL.M., International Law, University of London School of Economics, 1977)...

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Reacting to Saudi Arabia and China: Balancing Canadian Values and Interests

The Khashoggi and Meng cases highlight the difficulties that countries have in balancing their values vs their interests. For Canada, it is important to encourage as many countries as possible to support it’s values based positions. IJ Spotlight In partnership with SAGE Publications, one article of key significance from every new issue of International Journal is chosen to be featured in the IJ Spotlight Series. The unabridged version of this article was originally published in Vol. 73 No. 1. Read full article for free Saudi Arabia’s and China’s recent rogue actions have forced Canada and other Western countries to confront the classic...

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