Month: August 2020

New Canadian Alliances in a Changing World Order

Yes, change is in the air and there are unmistakable signs of shifting alliances and new alignments in politics and trade. But neither the old order is vanishing completely nor a drastically new foreign policy is need of the hour for a middle power like Canada. A rejuvenated and fresh approach to its political and trade linkages with Europe and the Pacific countries would be able to see Canada through the initial upheavals in the wake of impending big power competition. During the last decade, in the wake of rising right-wing nationalism in various parts of the world especially...

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CIC Victoria Member Jonathan Manthorpe is set to release a timely new book on August 25th on Restoring Democracy Worldwide

Manthorpe’s new book, “Restoring Democracy in the Age of Populists and Pestilence” which is set to be released on August 25th is a thoughtful account of how we can save democracies from the despots and populists who provide easy answers to complicated situations. This is Manthorpe’s fourth book and is shortlisted for the 2020 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. Read the press release below and be sure to purchase the book when it’s released on August 25th. Learn more about Jonathan's book here Jonathan Manthorpe CIC Victoria...

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Recommendations to Parliament and the Government to expand Canada’s Capacity and Diversity of Engagement with China

Published: 2020    |    By: The China Policy Centre Board of Directors |    Volume 68, No. 7 Download PDF Summary Canada will mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on December 5, 2020. The goal of the China Policy Centre is to ensure that lessons learned from Canada’s experience since 1970 are applied to interactions with China over the next 50 years. To contribute to that discussion, the Centre’s Board has submitted 33 recommendations this week to the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations. Because of globalization, the global impact and...

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