Month: June 2020

Canadian Cyberspace Governance — or Lack Thereof?

This is a modified version of an article supported by the Department of National Defence ‘Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security Targeted Engagement’ Grant, which appeared originally in Kristen Csenkey (ed.) “Simplifying Emerging Technologies: Risks and How to Mitigate Them”, Balsillie School of International Affairs, May 2020.

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CIC Winnipeg: The North American Arctic: Security Challenges and Opportunities

Description: Iris Ferguson, Lindsay Rodman and Andrea Charron will discuss the challenges and opportunities for North American Arctic security in the near term in a geopolitically contested world. Representing US and Canadian perspectives, this engaging debate will consider the role of the militaries, security agencies, international organizations and local actors to protect and develop the North American Arctic. Speakers’ Biographies: Iris Ferguson is the current Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow (Canada) and a Senior Advisor for the United States Air Force focusing on Arctic security and policy.   Previously she served for White House Office of Advance, assisting...

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Our Response to the Death of George Floyd and Ongoing Protests against Anti-Black Racism

Our Response to the Death of George Floyd and Ongoing Protests against Anti-Black Racism Since George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25, we as an organization have been in deep reflection. While this movement is not about us, we believe strongly that this matter concerns us all. At the CIC, we would like to use this as an opportunity to support our members and we hope to contribute to global efforts to break an unsustainable status quo. We are using our platform in solidarity with people’s lived experiences of racism to make a tangible...

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