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Ben Rowswell On Political Appointees to Diplomatic Missions

Challenging common wisdom, Ben Rowswell outlines why political appointments to high profile diplomatic posts, such as Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent appointment of Bob Rae to be the next Canadian ambassador to the UN, can actually be a good thing as they bring new...

CIC President Ben Rowswell Calls for a Foreign Policy Update

In a recent article published on the Hill Times, CIC President Ben Rowswell called for an update to Canada's foreign policy in preparation for a post-pandemic world. "The rules-based international order as it once was no longer exists."

CIC Distinguished Fellow Jon Allen on Trump’s Proposed Peace-Plan

    Jon Allen is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Canadian International Council, a Diplomat in Residence at Fulbright Canada and a Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. He is engaged in research and writing on tax...

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