CIC Edmonton Members Gain Insights into the UN CTCN

Diana Cartwright, Canada’s liaison to the United Nations Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), visited Edmonton in October 2017. The Canadian International Council Edmonton branch had the opportunity to meet Diana for lunch to learn more about CTCN.

The CTCN is a United Nations initiative that is meant to help developing countries gain access to climate-friendly technologies through global networking. As most people know, as the Global North industrialized and became the developed countries we have today, they went through a period of growth that was wonderful for their economies and created a booming market. However, most of this growth was done through technologies that burned natural resources that were then releasing toxins like CO2 and other greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

The idea of this networking initiative is to see currently developing countries industrialize much the same way the Global North did but by using safer and more sustainable technologies. The major obstacle however is cost. Currently the cost of these technologies is very great, far too much for many developing governments or for companies within these countries to afford. If requested, the CTCN would launch a project in the developing country with help from organizations within the network to accomplish the project. Examples of these projects include promoting and advising on the sustainable use of solar photovoltaic energy in Tanzania as well as piloting a project for energy efficiency and the efficient use of water in Zimbabwe.

At the lunch with CIC Edmonton members, Ms. Cartwright was passionate about seeing people involved in these projects and how bringing these kinds of innovations to developing countries not only allowed their economies to grow but their societies as well.

Article by Sarah Suchotzky, Director of Student Outreach