Each month the CIC will post a new poll question to gauge the opinions of our globally minded members and users on timely foreign policy issues.

Past Polls

Do You Approve Of The Canadian Government’s Decision To Deploy Troops To Mali In Support Of The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission In That Country? (April 2018)

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How would you assess the impact of Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent Official Visit to India? (March 2018)

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With tensions between the United States and North Korea still running high, how likely do you think it is that the crisis will degenerate into some form of military conflict? (February 2018)

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Was the Canadian government right to abstain from the December 2017 UN General Assembly vote on a resolution denouncing the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? (January 2018)

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Should Canada push forward to conclude a free trade agreement with China? (December 2017)

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What is the biggest global threat currently facing Canada? (November 2017)

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Has the Canadian Government mishandled its commitment to deploying troops for a UN peacekeeping mission? (October 2017)

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Is Canada doing enough to address the rapidly deteriorating political and economic crisis in Venezuela? (September 2017)

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Will the upcoming NAFTA renegotiation produce a good deal for Canada? (August 2017)

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