Rachel Curran


Rachel Curran is a lawyer by training, and has nearly fifteen years of experience in public affairs.

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Rachel Curran is a lawyer by training, and has nearly fifteen years of experience in public affairs, including extensive experience providing strategic and policy advice to the Prime Minister of Canada and federal and provincial Cabinet ministers. She is known for her intelligence, work ethic, and analytical ability, as well as her capacity to deliver on objectives.

As Director of Policy to the Prime Minister, Rachel was closely engaged in all matters involving the federal government, including foreign and defence policy, trade negotiations, economic affairs, immigration, transportation, energy and the environment, indigenous affairs, social development and intergovernmental relations. She was directly responsible for setting and implementing the government’s policy agenda over the course of four years, and oversaw all major governmental initiatives including the preparation of the annual $280-billion federal budget.

Rachel’s approach to problem-solving is based on detailed, cross-jurisdictional research, careful and thorough assessment of possible solutions in collaboration with interested parties, and the development and execution of realistic strategies to achieve desired results in a timely manner.

Earlier in her federal career, Rachel also developed particular expertise in parliamentary and legislative matters, including advancing legislation and regulation through Cabinet and the House of Commons, drafting Private Members’ Bills and dealing with House of Commons Standing Committees.
At the provincial level, as Chief of Staff and advisor to two senior Cabinet ministers, Rachel provided advice on a wide range of political, policy and legislative issues related to public safety, including law enforcement, residential tenancy, consumer protection, automobile insurance, road safety, gaming, liquor licensing and distribution, and provincial emergency management. She also handled all communications and media relations, and interaction with stakeholder organizations.

Earlier in her private sector career, Rachel practiced commercial law, specializing in financial services, insurance and securities litigation. She was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 2001, and practiced for several years in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

During the course of her career, Rachel has worked with a wide range of stakeholders provincially, nationally and abroad, and is experienced in engaging and liaising with top-level representatives of governments, corporations, and industry and non-profit organizations. Her professional career has allowed her to develop a deep and unique understanding of public policy both in Canada and internationally.