Alireza Najafi-Yazdi


Alireza Najafi-Yazdi is the Founder of Anyon Systems


Alireza Yazdi is a deep-tech entrepreneur with interest in cutting-edge technologies which hold great promise for positive impact on humanity. In 2014, Alireza founded Anyon Systems, a world-leading quantum computing company based in Montreal. His goal since then has been to revolutionize the world by introducing quantum computing platforms with applications in areas such as artificial Intelligence, drug design, and cyber-security. Anyon Systems now delivers turn-key Near-term, Intermediate-Scale, Quantum (NISQ) computers to early

adopters ranging from government agencies, high performance computing centers,  pharmaceuticals, and tech companies active in artificial intelligence and big data . Alireza is also an adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill, where he supervises doctoral students working on sustainable energy production, in particular fusion energy. Alireza holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from McGill (2012). Prior to founding Anyon, Alireza was a postdoctoral research fellow at McGill University, and RWTH Aachen.


Besides his technical work, Alireza is an avid student of geopolitics. He is particularly interested in the role of technology in shaping modern geopolitical events and world order.

Alireza lives with his wife and two children in Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC.