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Securing Canadian Elections:

Disinformation, Computational Propaganda, Targeted Advertising and What to Expect in 2019

This policy brief explores the challenges pertaining to social media manipulation as they relate to Canada’s upcoming federal election, and provides some practical and concrete steps for industry, government and Canadian citizens to enhance both the integrity and security of the information ecosystem in Canada.

By Samantha Bradshaw

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A Made-in-Canada China Strategy for 2018?

A Made-in-Canada China Strategy for 2018?

China is destined to become a major Asian power regardless if Canada prepares for that eventuality. A well-designed China strategy that transcends a transactional trade-based foreign policy would go a long way to protecting Canada’s hard-won status as a global middle-power.

Established in 1946 International Journal is Canada’s pre-eminent journal of global policy analysis. It combines brief, policy-relevant articles with longer, peer-reviewed, scholarly assessments of interest to foreign policy-makers, analysts and academics in Canada and around the world.

March 2018

Volume 73 |  Number 1

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Volume 72 |  Number 4

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