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Celebrating our 95th anniversary in 2023

Since 1928, as a non-partisan, charitable organization, the Canadian International Council has provided a platform for citizens to help shape Canada’s place in the world.  Indeed, at our 18 branches located across Canada, our volunteers host numerous in-person and online speaker events year-round for our members and the general public.  We also mentor and support students through a variety of programs, and further engage with the wider public through our publications such as the International Journal, Behind the Headlines, and our online magazine Open Canada.

At the core of our organization are our people, from the national board, our modest national office, our branch executive leadership teams and our many members.  Apart from the national office, all of us are volunteers who firmly believe that Canada should, and most certainly can, play a greater role in world affairs.

If you are keen to make Canada, and the world, a better place and are looking for a network of like-minded people why not consider joining the nearest Canadian International Council branch?

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