Letter from the President

dumbrille-8x12-smallOn behalf of the Executive Committee and Members of the Vancouver Branch of the Canadian International Council (CIC), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our branch web page.

The CIC is the Canadian player in the global network of foreign relations councils whose principal mandate is to promote a deeper understanding of international issues across the country.   It is international in its roots, its viewpoint and its reach.  Due to its relationship with government, the private sector and the media, the CIC contributes to the education of Canadians across the country so that they can better understand geopolitical change and develop intelligent views towards that change.  It provides a platform for speakers to give an in-depth analysis of global events so that people can get a deeper understanding of the major issues that are taking place globally and how they affect Canadians.  Being informed with a Canadian perspective is not only good business but good citizenship.  We regularly host conferences, panel forums, and public lectures on topics that directly affect those living in Vancouver. In the past year, these events have given CIC Members and the Vancouver community the opportunity to gain insight into global issues such as Brexit and the future of the EU, the global scarcity of resources, international implications of climate change, Canadian relations in the Middle East, and much more.

CIC Vancouver is one of the five original branches in Canada founded in 1928. It is Greater Vancouver’s leading hub for informative sessions on global issues.  An integral part of the national resource and trading hub of Canada, CIC Vancouver provides a forum and focal point for those interested in international affairs and British Columbia’s role in the world.   By providing a non-partisan analysis of international issues, we not only integrate business leaders in the Vancouver area with the best researchers and public policy leaders but connect young professionals and graduate students at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University through our dynamic and informal events with speakers relevant to internationalists.  This past year we have worked hard to increase our partnership with student groups by partnering with UBC’s community learning program. We supported a student group in hosting former Minister of Trade, Ed Fast, and Asia Pacific Foundation Senior Fellow, Hugh Stephens, in a panel discussion concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.  We provide a unique networking opportunity for those who are in Vancouver but who have their eyes on issues overseas.

The CIC’s membership includes leading business professionals, academics, policymakers and military personnel often with a special interest in international relations.   In Vancouver, this membership is drawn together in discussion meetings, publication launches and special events in the downtown core.  A not-for-profit organization, the CIC works to attract sponsorships, grants and gifts to sustain our operations.  Tax-deductible contributions to support new and ongoing programming and outreach initiatives that will ensure the CIC remains a key voice in Vancouver’s global arena can be made through our office.

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We look forward to making CIC Vancouver and our community all that it needs to be in a globalized world.  Feel free to get in touch with us at vancouver@thecic.org.

Charles Dumbrille
CIC Vancouver


Branch Executive

Charles Dumbrille

Vice President
TJ Forsyth

Adam Brosgall

Tony Southgate

Administrative Coordinator
Elizabeth Good

Outreach Coordinator
Eliot Escalona

Masao Dahlgren

Graphic Designer
Rohina Dass

Michael Huenefeld
Gordon Longmuir
Paul Meyer

Outreach Team
Avril Espinosa-Malpica
Nemee Bedar

Ex officio
Bridgitte Taylor (UBC-IRSA)
Brigitte Malana (SFU-ISSA)

Graduate Student Representatives
UBC Graduate Student Representative  –  Parmida Esmaeilpour
SFU Graduate Student Representative  –   Jessica Passey




Branch News


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