Letter from the President

Fraser MannDear Members and Friends of the CIC-Toronto branch,

On behalf of the executive of the Toronto branch, welcome to the CIC – Toronto branch website.

The Toronto branch has a diverse and enthusiastic group of members who share a strong interest in foreign affairs, international business and trade, and Canada’s role in the world community.  We hold approximately 15 to 20 events during our programming year of September to June – in addition to our annual Winter and Summer social gatherings. Our events include single speaker keynote addresses, expert panel events, all-day conferences on a major international theme and full-day training programs to young professionals interested in a career in international affairs.

Speakers at our events have included Ambassadors and Consuls General, Government ministers and officials, international trade experts, prominent academics and representatives of international development agencies. All of our events include a question and answer period and reception, providing an opportunity for those attending to ask speakers questions and to network.

The Toronto branch is fortunate to have an enthusiastic group of Executive members who volunteer their time and expertise in organizing events and ensuring the success of the branch.  We are always looking for support in developing event ideas and engaging members, as well as individuals interested in working with the Executive to organize an approved event.  Our goal is to broaden the range of public policy discussion forums for our members and the Toronto community at large.

If you would like to propose an idea for a CIC event or have a suggestion on how we can improve engagement, please feel free to contact us at toronto@thecic.org or at my email address below.

Go to http://cictoronto.ca/ to check out our full branch website.

All the best,

Fraser Mann
President, CIC-Toronto branch


The CIC-Toronto branch is a large and very active community with a diverse membership that is representative of our city and with programming aimed at providing forums for public policy discussion – from diplomatic, political, economic, and development topics to the environment, resources, social justice, and country-specific dialogues.

Branch Executive

Photo left to right: Anthony Ilukwe, Fraser Holman, Renee van Kessel, Aaron Bains, Fraser Mann, Jo-Ann Davis, Shakir Rahim, Henry Lotin, Ilyes Saidani, Andrew Defor (Missing: Shoaib Gopalani, Tosin Akinwekomi)

Fraser Mann

Andrew Defor

Past President (Ex Officio)
Jo-Ann Davis

Sid Arya

Program Chair
Caitlin Reid

Aaron Bains
Shoaib Gopalani
Fraser Holman
Anthony Ilukwe
Henry Lotin
Shakir Rahim
Ilyes Saidani
Renee van Kessel

Please check back for details on upcoming events.


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