Dear CIC Friends,

Alex S ReginaWelcome to the page for the CIC South Saskatchewan Branch!

Our Branch prides itself on fostering discussion of how global issues affect Canadians and, in particular, Saskatchewan people.

Our past events included hosting:

·         our casual Politics in the Pub series;

·         academics;

·         international business executives;

·         Canadian diplomats;

·         visits by top diplomats from countries such as Egypt, Ukraine, India, and the United States; and

·         Speeches by ministers of the Crown and Senators on foreign policy.

We are currently planning a slate of events for 2016.  Please follow our facebook ( and twitter ( accounts or join our mailing list for news about upcoming events and exclusive members-only opportunities.

The CIC South Saskatchewan Branch is always interested in hearing about your ideas for new events, potential speakers, debate ideas, or partnership opportunities.  Do not hesitate to get in touch (

We would love to see you come out and experience Canada’s premiere non-partisan, foreign policy think tank in the heart of a resurgent Saskatchewan.


Alexander Shalashniy
President, CIC-Saskatoon


Alexander Shalashniy

Glenn MacKay

Mark Goossens

Christopher Thresher
Adam Nelson
Michelle Lang


Director of Communications, Media Relations
Shanna Schulhauser

Director of Communications, Social Media
Rozalia Kasleder

Joe Couture
Caitlin Lane

Please check back for details on upcoming events.

CIC-Saskatoon past president Dan Sutherland, CIC-Saskatoon President Martin Gaal, past CIC national vice-chair Perrin Beatty, and CIC-Edmonton president Stefanie Rosskopf, stretching after a good breakfast. Delta Bessborough Saskatoon, September 22, 2015.

Benefits of Membership – Presidential Visits and the Human Connection

  During seven days in late September, CIC-Saskatoon welcomed not one but two presidents visiting from other branches.  In a country as vast as ours, and with finite financial resources, this is not an everyday occurrence. By Dan Sutherland