Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends of CIC-Halifax Branch:


On behalf of the executive committee and members of the Halifax Branch of the Canadian International Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our web page.

The Halifax Branch has a very knowledgeable and engaged group of academic, business and community members who share an interest in foreign affairs, international business and trade, and Canada’s role in the world.  The Branch enjoys a partnership with Dalhousie’ Centre for the Study of Security and Development.

We welcome new members and ideas to enliven our speakers’ program or to help us to engage the wider public.

During 2016, our events included:

. An Inside Look at the Politics and Economic Challenges of Brazil

. the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Implications for Atlantic Canada

. the U.S. Election and what it means for Canada

. Bill Graham’s Reflections on a Political Life.

To receive notice of our future events, please subscribe:


As we develop our programming for 2017, we’re interested to hear your ideas for new events, potential speakers, debate ideas, or partnership opportunities.

On behalf of our Executive I invite you to get in touch with us at Halifax@thecic.org.

CIC Halifax Branch Executive 2017

Valerie Bachynsky

Past President
Paul Bennett

Kenzie MacKinnon

Bernie Smith

Program Chair
Lynda Arsenault

Adria May

Scott Burbidge

Kevin Deveaux
Colin Dodds
Jason Guidry
Kathie Swenson

Centre for the Study of Security and Development liaison
Brian Bow

Ex Officio
Matt Campbell





Successful event at CIC Halifax

CIC Halifax had an event March 8th highlighting international careers at home and abroad