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Dear Members and Friends of CIC-Edmonton,

Welcome to our Edmonton Branch web page. We are happy and excited you are interested in learning more about our Edmonton branch and our upcoming events.

CIC-Edmonton was first established in 1931 as a local branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. In 2009 the branch was re-founded as a local branch of the Canadian International Council. Since then, the CIC-Edmonton Branch has hosted or co-hosted a variety of different events covering a range of various topics and hosting numerous experts in the field, public officials or foreign diplomats. Examples of topics covered include:

  • Canada-US Relations,
  • International Trade,
  • Canadian Foreign Policy,
  • Canada’s role in the world,
  • Petroleum geopolitics and economics,
  • The politics of sports, and;
  • The politics of the Middle East.

Our mission for the Edmonton branch is to be a leading organization that promotes awareness of Canada’s foreign relations in Edmonton by fostering and supporting a diverse, knowledgeable and engaged international affairs community. The mandate of the Edmonton branch is to provide an independent and non-partisan forum for open and thought-provoking dialogue for our local membership, academia, the business community and the general public.

Throughout the 2016/2017 year, we are hoping to continue with our Politics in the Pub Series, our expert panel discussions as well as our annual International Affairs Speed Networking Event.  We also plan to continue our event series featuring foreign diplomats and government officials, providing our members with privileged access and opportunities for informal discussions.

Throughout this year we hope to break new ground by:

  • Creating new event partnerships in the Edmonton community; and by,
  • Developing an annual documentary film event.

While many of our events are open to the general public, we also hold exclusive, intimate events for our CIC members.

We constantly seek to grow our membership and welcome your involvement in our activities. On behalf of our Executive I invite you to get in touch with me directly at  or to reach out to us at   to share your ideas of what type of programming you would like to see.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

Best Regards,

Stefanie Rosskopf


The Edmonton Branch of the CIC was originally established as a branch of the CIIA in 1931 and was reestablished in June 2009 as a CIC branch.

Branch Executive

Stefanie Rosskopf

VP – Operations & Finance
Andrea Eriksson

Katie Meredith

Directors at Large
Alex Romanek
Laura Graham
Josh McGregor

Communications and Public Relations
Deanna Dow

Student Outreach
Phillip Swallow

Past Presidents
Grant Winton
Nevin French

Graphic Designer
Jeremy Tuininga

Please check back for details on upcoming events.

CIC-Saskatoon past president Dan Sutherland, CIC-Saskatoon President Martin Gaal, past CIC national vice-chair Perrin Beatty, and CIC-Edmonton president Stefanie Rosskopf, stretching after a good breakfast. Delta Bessborough Saskatoon, September 22, 2015.

Benefits of Membership – Presidential Visits and the Human Connection

  During seven days in late September, CIC-Saskatoon welcomed not one but two presidents visiting from other branches.  In a country as vast as ours, and with finite financial resources, this is not an everyday occurrence. By Dan Sutherland