Letter from the President 
SaveraOn behalf of the executive committee and members of the Calgary chapter of the CIC it is my pleasure to welcome you to our web page.

The Calgary branch was first establish in 1932, and over the years has been an integral part of the community in this energy and innovation hub of Canada by providing a forum and focal point for those interested in international affairs and Alberta’s role in the world.

In 2014, the CIC Calgary branch is planning to a series of events, including speaker series, politics in the pub nights, with the the aim to engage and the grow our membership. We also strive to work closely with our sister chapter in Edmonton.

The CIC Calgary’s branch includes young professionals and students and we seek to engage audiences with interesting speakers in more dynamic and informal events. I invite you to write to me at: shayat@thecic.org, to share your ideas, and ask any questions that you may have about our branch.

Please do visit our webpage for event details. If you are a member, do not forget to sign up to receive regular updates about upcoming events. We are also planning to reach out to our community through the social media – so stay tuned!!

Best regards,

Savera Hayat-Dade
President, CIC Calgary Branch


The Calgary Branch was first established in 1932 and was re-established in 2004.

Branch Executive

Savera Hayat-Dade

Communications Coordinator
Carlo Dade

Erik Henningsmoen

Student Representative
Kyle Schole

Please check back for details on upcoming events.