On April 20, 2017 the CIC National Capital Branch hosted the event, An Evening with Hugh Segal – Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future.

The video recording of this event is now available at:

Background information:

What ends should a democratic country’s foreign policy serve? Avoiding diplomatic disputes? Keeping allies happy? Promoting national and global security? While a qualified yes is the logical answer to all of these questions, in his new book, Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future, Hugh Segal argues for something more, something that reflects Canada’s commitment, at home and abroad, to two key freedoms: freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Two Freedoms examines the costs of allowing these freedoms to die or diminish and how a country can design a foreign policy that makes the pursuit of these freedoms real and practical.

Hugh Segal is Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto, Distinguished Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and Co-Chair of the International Democracy-10 Forum. He served Canada as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney, and as a member of the Senate, where he was Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade and of the Special Committee on Anti-Terrorism. He was a faculty member at Queen’s University’s School of Policy Studies and served as President of The Institute for Research on Public Policy. Segal is an Officer of the Order of Canada and was recently promoted to the Order of Ontario.

Now available – Video of April 20th event, An Evening with Hugh Segal – Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future