On November 29th the CIC National Capital Branch hosted the event, Canada and the UN: Are We Getting Back in the Game? with Louise Fréchette, OC, Paul Heinbecker, and Kathryn White.

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Background information:

Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent speech at the United Nations in New York signaled his government’s return to full engagement with the UN on peace and security issues, refugees, and climate change. Has Canada now come full circle with respect to the UN since the failure to secure a Security Council seat and recent years of downgrading relations with the UN? How should Canada pursue its interests and what does the UN offer as Canada seeks to achieve its goals? What are the key impediments? What is the potential impact of US President-elect Donald Trump on UN affairs and on Canada’s success?

Our panel of distinguished experts debated these questions and the prospects for Canada’s future relations with the UN.


Louise Fréchette, OC, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General for eight years, and a former Canadian Ambassador to the UN.

Paul Heinbecker, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, former Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister (Mulroney), head of the Canadian climate change delegation to Kyoto, and author of “Getting Back in the Game”, a foreign policy playbook for Canada.

Kathryn White, President and CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada.

Video of November 29th event, Canada and the UN: Are We Getting Back in the Game?